Guideline for Applying

(AA)     The person applying must be the citizen of Republic of the Union of Myanmar. (Must be able to submit both original and copy of National Registration Identity Card)

(BB)     Due to the nature of work and industry, only 20% of the admitted students will be female.

(CC)     Must be in excellent health condition.

(DD)     Female students are allowed to apply for any other majors excepting Marine Engineering, Electrical Systems & Electronic and Nautical Science.

(EE)     Before being admitted for the courses, the applicant must be able to pass various color perception tests (color blindness tests). For Nautical Science major, those who need spectacles (glasses) are not allowed to apply.

(FF)     Those who passed the 2017 Matriculation Examination with the following combination of subjects can apply.

(a)     Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Economics

(b)     Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

(c)     Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Geography

(GG)     There will be a personal interview.

(HH)     During the course of study, the required Workshop Skill, Sea Training Service and External Training Courses regulated by the Ministry of Transport, Department of Marine Administration will have to be carried out by one’s own measures.

Available Courses

The following course of studies are available to apply

  1. B.E. (NA) – Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture) – 6 Years
  2. B.E. (MM) – Bachelor of Engineering (Marine Mechanical) – 6 Years
  3. B.E. (ME) – Bachelor of Engineering (Marine Engineering) – 6 Years
  4. B.E. (PH) – Bachelor of Engineering (Port and Harbour Engineering) – 6 Years
  5. B.E. (RC) – Bachelor of Engineering (River and Coastal Engineering) – 6 Years
  6. B.E. (MESE) – Bachelor of Engineering (Marine Electrical Systems & Electronics) – 6 Years
  7. B.Sc. (Hons.) (NS) – Bachelor of Science (Nautical Science) – 5 Years

For the aforementioned 6 Engineering Majors, the course of study will be 6 Years and for the Bachelor of Science (Hons.), the course of study will be 5 Years. Based upon the marks obtained from the Matriculation Examination, the specializing major will be considered for applicants.


Last Updated – 10th August 2017

English translation is merely a reference. Please refer to the actual guidebook for university application.